Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shock and Outrage

There was a headline that caught my eye on my internet news page, this morning, that has since been removed. It is the discovery of the remains of 7 dead babies in the garage of a home in Utah. Apparently, the woman vacated the house and her estranged husband was cleaning out the garage when he found a dead baby in a box. Upon calling the authorities, they discovered six more young bodies. Yes, this is horrific and the reaction of the news announcers on the CBC clip were appropriate, as you can see here.
I was wondering if these women announcers were pro-life or pro-choice in their stance on the abortion issue. As I did a quick internet search for an appropriate image for my blog post, I was sickened and horrified at the images I found and could not look for more that a few seconds, but quickly found the above image and got out of there.
There is no difference between seven dead babies in a garage and 20 dead babies in the garbage can at an abortion clinic except for the number and the age of the babies. And yet this daily occurrence does not seem to shock too many. This murderous practice has been sanitized by its proponents with twists of the English language and most people are immune to what is really going on.
If the woman from Utah had aborted her babies shortly before their birth, there would no repercussions and no news headlines. But she chose to let the children go to full term and now she is a murderer.
Our society is sick!

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