Saturday, April 26, 2014

Second Time is Best

We were called in to fix somebody's mistake. Before the crown mouldings and chair rail were installed, the previous paperhanger attempted to install this very expensive non-pasted flocked wall covering, but used a product he only thought was adhesive. It was an adhesive activator so it did not stick the paper to the wall. By the time the mistake was discovered, the mouldings were already on and were the only thing keeping the paper from falling on the floor.
We pulled off the paper, just barely managing to get it out from underneath the trim, and then when I hung the new material, I was just barely able to slip it under the mouldings. This time I used real adhesive and this paper is not going anywhere. My charge for fixing the mistake was 1/4 the charge for hanging it the first time. This resulted in a dispute between me and the previous hanger. I stated the facts and told him he was inexperienced and was overcharging, even if he would have done it properly. Needless to say, he is very upset with me. The customer not so much. The previous paperhanger accused the paint store of selling him the wrong product, so it is them, the paint store, that is paying my tab.
The customer, who is in the business of 'flipping' houses, says she will just call me next time. Now, that makes sense!

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