Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Runoff in the Rainforest

This is the final collection of over 250 images I took on our waterfall photo tour. It was not easy narrowing it down to the top ten, in fact I have eleven.

It is still surprisingly cold in the rainforest, yet the greenery is in full swing.

We visited three falls in close proximity to each other. Two of them we had to hike to, and the third was beside the narrow gravel road on the way to Silver Lake.

The water is in continual motion and using the slow shutter speed captures it in motion.

What a great day it was, and what a joy to take the experience home with us, and share it with you. We will re-visit these sites in the Fall when we can put some orange and yellow into the photo. I can hardly wait and I hope there will enough water cascading down the rocks to get photos like these.


Margarete K said...

All of these photos are spectacular... they would make great posters, even better "wall murals"

Terry said...

Thanks Margarete.