Monday, April 28, 2014

Room With a View

On Wednesday, we travelled into the hills behind Whonock and found our customer's house at the end of an obscure dead end road.
The first thing we did was to check the view and it was fabulous. You would think that with a view like that, they would not need another great view indoors, but there was a mural to hang.   

After much ruminating about the exact location and spacing of the graphic, we finally got to hang it. It did take longer to plan it than to hang it.

And in the end everyone was happy. The lady of the house is an airline hostess based out of Phoenix Arizona and is rarely home, so the husband was very excited about her next trip home to see the mural and he to watch her excitement.

It fit beautifully into the room, and at night, with the soft lighting on it, and the outer darkness hiding the real view, this scene will soothe the soul.

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