Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Out and About Among The Mountains

Andrew and I took a little photo trip on my birthday. We thought we would check out some waterfalls that were visible from the road but we had never hiked to. So we headed to the mountains. The above shot is taken in Hope not too far from the airport.

The Skagit River Valley beckoned and this is the scene at the turnoff south to Silver Lake.

Standing on the shores of Silver lake looking west.

Going down the long hill into the flat Fraser Valley there is a small turn off that affords the most spectacular view of Mt. Cheam

Stopping for a telephoto shot. There was fresh snow and with the clean air it was simply beautiful.

These are the mountains immediately north of Mt. Cheam.

Three views of Mt. Baker near sunset.

Photographed from South Parallel Rd. just east of Sumas Way.

More early spring photography in the next post. Click to make them large or they are wasted!

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