Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hard Parts

There are many 'do it yourself' people out there who know their limits. That is when they call us. Case in point is this curved staircase and stairwell. The customer did not feel confident enough to paint the upper part of the stairwell so called us. They absolutely did not want to tackle the tricky paper hanging in the curved staircase, cutting around the Maple stair treads and the end caps on the inside curve.

The wall covering was exotic and expensive, with a wonderful creased texture and a shimmer to the background. But it was a heavy non-pasted and we had to develop a technique that we had never used before, something we made up as we went along.

In the end, it turned out pretty good, and was an all day job.

We painted around the routered stair caps with the paper's background colour because cutting the cardboard like wallpaper into all the little nooks and crannies was not going to be 100% accurate.  

Even the straight forward Maple stair treads were a real challenge.

This kind of work separates the men from the boys. One slip of the knife and we throw away $50.00 worth of wallpaper.

The finished product and another happy customer.
But here is a most amazing thing. While we were working away in this stairwell, the customer was outside washing my truck! That is a first and so greatly appreciated. It freed me up to blog about it.

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