Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Road to Nowhere

I spent three years in Ocean Falls (see tags on the side bar) and had a lot of time on my hands. I suspected I would be married by the time I got back to civilization so I needed to develop a plan. I answered an ad in a magazine and subscribed to a correspondence course in business management. I spent my entire childhood helping my father in his retail grocery business and since being away from that for a few years, I began to realize that I had actually enjoyed it. When I got my first lesson, I suspected I had perhaps made a mistake. The course material was from the 1930's and had a very out-dated feel to it.
I continued on and found that book keeping, and management in general, does not change that much. Today it would be out of the question to take an outdated course in business because of the advancement in technology etc.
I aced the course and actually enjoyed it. There was no graduation, no ceremony, no gown and cap, only a big brown envelope in the mail one day. It was a feather in my hat, a notch in my belt, another line in my resume. Another old fashioned treasure that, together with $1.39 will get me a cup of coffee at Tim Horton's.

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