Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Gardening Ideas

My expert advice on garden landscape continues. Having just recently attended the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, I have been privy to the latest in outdoor decor and I pass along, free of charge, my recommendations and advice. Because I charge nothing for this service, that is about what it is worth.
Above we see that unless you are a childless person, but are wealthy in garden space, you must have a child's play area in your garden. The only sand in this area that looks like a large sandbox, is in the boat. There is also a large rock on which a child can easily fall, causing a life changing concussion.

Conversation pits are all the rage. In this one, we can see that those in the background will be the  most comfortable and will enjoy carrying on a conversation about the poor folks that get to sit on the hard chairs in the foreground. This setting was accompanied by a really cool stainless steel hot tub which I may reveal in a future photo.

The movie theme was ever present and here we have The Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I like the sunglasses. I thought of my grandson who has that part, exactly, in the up-coming Abbotsford Children's Theater production of the Wizard of Oz.

Remember yesterday's ratty garden bicycle? If you cannot find one of those, make your own out of left-over re-bar, bent in the shape of a bicycle. It is the shape that is all important. Nobody intends these bikes to be modes of transportation anyways. All the better if it shows signs of extreme rust.

There was a floral design competition as well as garden displays. This was the only one that really caught my eye. It reminded me of a big green bowl of ripe and red cherries and I love cherries.

This gal and her Vespa were part of a "Roman Holiday" themed garden setting. Look closely at her. It is a botox treatment gone bad.

I have always loved to photograph doors that catch the eye. In this Mediterranean type setting, the doors and windows were the big draw. Next time you are driving through a nice neighbourhood, notice how an interesting and unique door will make the look of the house. How about a door in your garden. Just a door. Leading nowhere. Just don't lock it and lose the key.

Apart from the most uncomfortable chairs ever, this setting has a nice appeal. The fan palms, the lattice floor, the wicker, the stripped cushions all make this quite attractive. It might even make the wine taste better.

Ah! My favourite garden, the Hobbit garden. This is not practical as a home garden theme, but it sure is photogenic and the kids would love to explore on the other side of that door. What is in there? Dwarfs, hobbits, Gandalf, or just a rusty old lawn mower?

Oh deer! Where I live, these are the worst garden pests ever. For those who have a problem with these animals raiding their garden, this is like displaying a large slug or a cloud of aphids in a garden setting. This particular deer was fresh from the taxidermist.

And another outdoor conversation pit, complete with fireplace. Most of these types of displays were so attractive that they could have been either inside or outside the home. Installing a fireplace adds several months of the year that make such a thing usable.  

And what Pacific Northwest outdoor display is complete without a bear? This garden was called, and named after the movie, "A River Runs Through It". It was rustic and very bush authentic, so much so that the kids would want to stay indoors for fear of the wildlife.
One more batch tomorrow.

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