Monday, February 25, 2013

Day Trip

The usual things to do on Sunday, Feb. 24th would be to go to church in the morning, watch the Canucks hockey game in the afternoon, and then take in the Oscar Awards in the evening. But not so for the group of twelve who for this occasion became the group of eight. We carpooled in two vehicles and headed to Seattle for the day.
First stop is the Cheesecake Factory for brunch.

Here you can see the group of eight minus the photographer (that would be me) being waited on by, count em', 6 eager waiters and waitresses.

Vel, the newest member of our gang, is photographing the photographer. Good to see that some one else is not troubled with hauling a big DSLR around for the day so they can get some quality photos.

After the long drive and not having had any breakfast, I was ready for some good coffee and ........

Bruleed French Toast with Crispy Bacon. It was soooo good!
On my next post, I will reveal the real reason we spent the afternoon in Seattle.


Chris said...

That's where people go to get face lifts isn't it? Ahem...

Terry said...

Is that where you got yours?