Friday, February 8, 2013

Banner Years

I am finding more dusty old memorabilia in the recesses of my closets. The first two photos are of the outside and then the inside of my grade 4 report card.
It helps to have a teacher who likes you. Miss Breadner was a young single gal who needed a ride to church every Sunday morning, an eight mile journey. She was in her first year of teaching and did not have a car. She would sit in the back seat with me and my three sisters, squeezed against the door with the window that I "owned". I did not appreciate it. But worse than that, she had the old fashioned train track braces on her teeth and I could see and smell what she had for breakfast every Sunday morning.

I do not know if I was good student or if she appreciated the ride, but she gave me straight A's that year.

Mrs. Vigoren was married but had no children of her own. She was one of my favourites. It was in 1964 that her and her husband, a grain buyer, purchased my father's business which allowed us as a family to make the move to BC. The Principal, Cecil Campbell, was new that year and hit on Miss Breadner. They became an item. He was much older than her and it was scandalous, as I recall.

Perhaps Mrs. Vigoren liked me too, or my dad and his store, because she was gracious enough to also give me straight A's. The 'R' was for Recommendation, a designation for top students that allowed them to be exempt from final exams. Note the comments on the back are always a simple "Terry does good work". What??  These days that would call for fireworks, scholarships, cars from parents, and other big rewards. Back then it was sort of expected.
When I look through all my other report cards, the subject I usually fell down in was English or Social Studies. Strange that today I love reading, writing, and politics.

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