Monday, February 18, 2013

The Silo Series Continues

I continually check Hugh Howey's website to see how he is progressing with his "Wool" series. I was hooked from the start and now have just completed "Third Shift.. Pact" only a few days after it was released. I have explained the premise for this science fiction story in previous reviews. Each new novel (this is the eighth) reveals a few more tantalizing details about the grand plan, a plan which is slowly falling apart as those who are supposed to be in the dark and taking their 'forgetful pills' are discovering details and history beyond their imaginations. They sense that there is manipulation on a grand scale, being perpetrated on them, and they sense that somehow, there is freedom on the horizon. Oh, the indomitable human spirit that never gives up hope. It is a theme that runs throughout the history of mankind and sometimes is so tantalizingly portrayed by a good writer.  
4 stars

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