Friday, April 24, 2015

Birch Forest Laundry

Going back to the French Country house the next day, we tackled the laundry room. We set up in the bedroom next to it and were glad to have plenty of room to work. We had to paste the back of the 27" wide paper. We admired this light fixture and were happy that we did not have to assemble it.

The birch forest pattern and colours in the tree trunks looked spectacular in this work area. The material was great to work with and other than some challenges around a floating shelf, everything went very well.

Working in a home like this usually does not bother me at all, except we were told by some of the other trades that the slightest flaw would be seen by the builder and we would have to correct it. It was verified when he asked us to go back to the dining room and correct a mistake. It took us several minutes to find it because he had seen it in the evening with only the chandelier lighting available. It did not show up in the daylight, but I corrected it nevertheless. It was a trimmed piece of paper the width of a hair that was stuck to the baseboard and was catching the light.

This one was fun to do and it was very rewarding to hear the reaction of the owner when she came by just as we were finishing. She was over the top with delight.
Now we will wait and see if we get paid for all of this work. It was a month ago that we did this and I have not seen a dime.

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