Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Several months ago I contracted to do some wallpaper in this very exclusive house in a gated community on Eagle Mountain. The home is very elegant in the French Country theme and the paper was one of the most expensive I have ever worked with.

However, there was a problem. Andrew opened the first roll and unravelled it to see the pattern match and immediately he was bleeding from a cut. No, it was not a paper cut, which can happen. It was a cut from the glass imbedded in the paper. The textured pattern was a sand and glass combination and it was deadly, not only on the skin, but on the cutting knives.

The material was almost impossible to trim because the second the razor sharp edge of the knife hit the sand, it would be dull. I had to chop at it, perforating the paper and then tear on the dotted line. Every single piece was a very frustrating challenge.

At lunch time we gave ourselves a self-guided tour of the house and found this half-court, state of the art basketball court tucked away in one corner of this massive house. The photo is taken from the mezzanine floor looking down into the court.

What should have been a 5 hour job took us all day. The end result was spectacular and the very picky builder, and his client, were very pleased with the outcome.

I have decided that I will never hang this type of paper again. My hands were raw, my tools were worn out, and my patience was at an end. Andrew had almost all ten fingers bandaged by the end of the day.

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