Saturday, April 11, 2015

Grass Cloth

We have been doing a lot of work in Chilliwack lately. We are the only paperhangers working out of the Chilliwack Paint and Decorating store.

This homeowner was going to attempt to hang this grass cloth on her own but was strongly advised against it. Grass cloth has a weak paper backing and when it is soaked, it tears easily. Also, it expands greatly when wet so the edges are not so easy to keep clean and adhesive does not wipe off the surface at all because it is real grass.

Many years ago, I devised a simple and effective method for hanging grass cloth and for me it is actually fun. I make sure the customer realised that grass cloth gives a panelled look as there is much discrepancy on the seams. It cannot be helped, although after seeing these photos, I realise we could have reversed every second panel. This shading effect was not evident as we were hanging it but on these photos is quite obvious.

We did this for a young couple with a family on the way and she told me that that their winter beach vacations were on hold for a long time and having a beach theme in their master bedroom would have to suffice until they could return to sunnier climates.

Besides the ocean blue walls surrounding the wallpaper, she had other beach accessories in the room. I hope this works for them.

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