Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rosedale Feature Wall

When given an address for a small job, I do not go and look prior to installation, but look it up on Google Maps and 'street view' and find my way there. I also ask a lot of questions so I do not have any surprises when I get to the job. This one, in Rosedale, close to the bridge, was a long drive but was worth the time and effort. It was an elegantly restored farmhouse, very spacious and in a beautiful setting on a dairy farm. The 'paper' was commercial grade fabric backed solid vinyl, overkill for an application such as this when you only want a decorated wall, and not something you can drive a tank into.

The lady of the house was gracious and friendly and even served us a cup of coffee with some awesome strawberry cheesecake. The finished result was exactly what she had been after and we left another very happy customer in our wake.

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