Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Townhouse Package

This is the kitchen/dining area of the townhouse project we have been hanging paper for, in Cloverdale. Each unit has the option of a wallpaper feature in the master bedroom and main floor washroom. Apart from the two show suites we have done, this is the 5th unit that has chosen this option.

All fixtures have been previously installed so we have to work  around everything. The mirror is fastened to the wall with adhesive and the vanity is heavily silicone to the wall. Not fun. The seams do not come in good places no matter where we start and finish so these are frustrating units to do, and do well. It is always a cost/plus job so I do not mind the time spent, but it is not easy to do the best work possible.

Going around toilets is not a problem when they are clean and new.

This company pays on time and is happy with our work so we will continue to go back as long they need us.



Rachel said...

That's nice paper

Gaye said...

Love it!