Saturday, April 25, 2015


The address was at the southern most end of 200th St. and I suspected we would be working in a big house. There is a land strata equestrian estate in that area, and sure enough, we were right in the heart of it.

When I saw the paper, and the room it was going in, I sent up a prayer that the 11' high walls would be plumb and level, and that the corners would fall in the middle of a stripe. My prayers were answered. Once you commit on a pattern like this, you have to keep going with what the walls and dimensions give you.

The ceiling was painted in a matte black so it looked like there was nothing but a black hole at the top of the stripes. Quite the effect, although it might appear to some that they are in jail. I love doing something out of the ordinary and this fit the bill.

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The projects you take on require a lot of courage and skill. Once again, I'm impressed. Art