Sunday, April 19, 2015

Make it Like New

When I see a house like this, I have to have a lot of confidence in what we do. The walls in the bathrooms once had wallpaper and the stripping of it caused a huge amount of damage, right up into the ceiling line. The original paint job was very poor and inadequate. There were actually a few doors that were only painted on one side. The original drywall was poorly done and there was damage everywhere. None of the trim and woodwork was caulked. It is what we refer to as a 'dog's breakfast'.

The 'prep' time on a job like this huge. These photos were taken when the prep was already done and the painting was well underway. Slowly, the transformation took place.

This door was not supposed to be painted, but my nephew in his enthusiasm, was almost done when he realised it. The owner was good with it and so we gave it it's second coat and it is now the nicest thing in a room that we were not supposed to work in, even though the colour does not match.

This is how we lose tools, using them in obscure spots and then leaving them out of sight. This is a dusting brush to remove dust and lint from hard to reach places. These customers were great to work for and even though the job turned out to be more than we expected, we came within the budget by $10.00. Wow!

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