Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Quickie

There is a new townhome complex going up on Lynn Ave, and the interior designer called me in a panic. The builders decided that a wall in the powder room now needed wallpaper. The Grand opening of the show suite was in 4 days and she had neither wallpaper nor a wallpaper hanger. 24 hours later she had the paper (bought some 'in stock' product from Home Depot) and I was there hanging it.  She was some kind of grateful, but that is the way it sometimes works. It was a two hour job so I just made time for it. The catch was that I had to go around a pedestal sink, one of my least favourite things to do. The end result was great and besides getting paid, I was promised more work in the future because of getting them out of a bind. That is the way business works and I love it.

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