Friday, May 1, 2015

Trees Are The Thing

Tree wallpaper seems to be the thing these days. This paper was a nicely embossed vinyl with a large tree pattern in a drop match. We hung it in a powder room with 9' ceilings and no windows. Without the existing light in place, (no light fixtures installed yet) we do not really know how this looks. However, the owner thought it was great.

The wall dimensions worked wonderfully so we were able to make the minimum number of cuts. As a result, we were done in under two hours.

It was the type where we applied the adhesive to the wall, as you can see in the above photo. That is me with a roller full of Roman Adhesive. We had to work quickly as the room was only primed which made the walls very porous, drying the adhesive within minutes.

There are 10 more double rolls to hang in two other areas of the house at a later date so we will be back. In the meanwhile, the owner, who is also the builder, gave us two coupons for free medium pizzas at Panago's . This is on top of the payment for the wallpaper job. He owns the Panago in Langley. I love my customers!

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