Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Birds of a Feather

Here we are once more on Eagle Mountain, decorating a wall in a Master Bedroom. The customer was kind enough to move all the furniture away from the wall and we had more than enough room. Here you see me rolling adhesive on the wall as once again we are hanging a non-woven fabric backed wallpaper. This type of material is fairly new on the market and most manufacturers are going this route. I love hanging these non-wovens! 

It takes a bit of measuring and planning to get the eyes of the feathers to line up balanced on the wall, but once we started, it went extremely quickly. 

I enjoy standing back at the end of a job and taking in the impact of a designer look in a once plain room. And once again, the customer was thrilled. I have a happy job, not like the plumber who comes in when there is a flood, or an appliance repair man when the fridge breaks down. Folks anticipate and look forward to me coming. It is a happy time for both of us.  

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