Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who Let The Dogs Out?

First, a follow-up to the "Stripes" post of a few days ago found here. The powder room is complete and it is spectacular. We needed a very wide angle camera to do it justice because you cannot see the black vanity and the black French door. The owner told us that this chandelier was the most expensive in the house. Given the photo of the one in the dining room (shown below), one wonders just how valuable it was.

As you can see, we were back to this wonderful home once again. The owner liked the way we hung the stripes so entrusted us with her imported English 'dog wallpaper' for her back entry. It was one of the most difficult papers we have ever hung. In two words, it was fragile and unmanageable. The first piece being hung below, warned me what I was up against, and we had to use a combination of techniques that I have never had to use before.

In the phone conversation prior to us coming, it was revealed that there were only 4 double rolls to hang. We allowed a half day and arrived at noon. We only got about 2/3 done by 5 pm so had to come back the next day to finish. The end result was good, but I have my doubts as to how this paper will stand up to the high traffic area, and definitely have my doubts as to ease of removal at some future date.
I hope there are no issues with dog's heads and feet being cut off.

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