Saturday, May 9, 2015

Look Up, Look Way Up

I was called to look at a 'tricky' job. The homeowner had a price from another paperhanger and wanted to know what I would charge to do the one wall in the upper entry.

I told her it was no problem getting up there and I would do it for my minimum call-out fee which amounts to a two hour minimum charge. Her mouth was agape. Then she told me what the other contractor was going to charge her.

Yes, it was high, but I do not go where I do not feel comfortable. Our scaffolding was secure and not a bit shaky. It took us exactly 2 hours, like I predicted, including set-up and take down. The shocker was the other contractor was going to have a helper, like I do, but it would take them two days plus rented scaffolding. Around $1000.00. Needles to say the customer was smiling big when she wrote me a cheque for $150.00.

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