Saturday, May 30, 2015


I prefer to hang product that makes an impact, but working for designers and customers who think otherwise, I just keep my thoughts to myself. This was a good quality paper that you had to hold in oblique light to even see that there was anything there. It was the most difficult thing to see enough pattern on the seam to be able to match.

When it was up, it gave the impression of soft and subtle movement, like waves or grass swaying in the wind.

It was pure white and fragile, something the owner will find out soon enough when the next sub-trades come parading through his newly constructed house, or the grandkids rub up against the walls with their grubby hands and toys from the sand box. We papered a toilet room and this feature wall in the master bedroom, wrapping the big screen TV insert. Even though the match was so very subtle, there was 24" waste on every length we cut. We threw away so much paper. In certain light, the pattern was very discernible and we dared not try to fudge it. I hope they notice because that is a lot of work.

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