Monday, May 18, 2015

Geometrics in the Dining Room

Here we are back on Eagle Mountain hanging a big geometric in a dining room. There was one thing I was nervous about as soon as I saw the wall to be treated. It has two outside corners which are deadly when they are not absolutely plumb. Imagine an exaggerated curve on the corner and then wrapping the paper around the corner. Starting with a plumb line on one wall and wrapping the paper around the corner, and smoothing it out, it would have a bend or curve in it. Two problems arise when this happens. A wrinkle forms, and if it doesn't, and you can get the paper smooth without a wrinkle, you now have a curve in your plumb line and it is nigh unto impossible to bend the next piece to butt the joint. Here is where I depend on a house framer who used a level when framing, and then a drywaller who installed the wallboard without any distortion, on the stud. It is rare to find a plumb outside corner, but here we had one. And on both corners! 

Everything lined up perfectly, and does, if you start straight and the walls are straight. This is critical with geometrics, even curved ones. 

The last piece is always the best one. 

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