Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bonus Room

I had not heard the term 'bonus room' for a few years, but this what the customer called it and I knew what she meant. It is the room above the garage, that some people had the builder turn into a usable space instead of storage. She had tried to strip the old wallpaper but could not get the lining off the wall so decided to put new paper over the old. She primed the walls that had the old paper on them, to take away the stark contrast, because her new white paper was a wee bit transparent.

When I gave her a price, she did not get back to me for a few days as she thought it was a bit high. She was out of town for the day and when she got back I was gone.

I left the invoice on her kitchen counter and that night she called. She was thrilled. "Not only is my room totally transformed, but you charged me less than you said you would!"  I came in $200.00 less than my estimate. Why? The paper was fantastic to work with and there was no pattern match at all, so it went faster than I had anticipated. She was very happy and said she would recommend me to everyone she knew. The best advertising is always giving people unexpected value for their money. And to be quite honest, it is a lot of fun doing that.

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