Sunday, January 13, 2008

Many MIles to go

Trying to escape the fog and yet be a law abiding citizen.
A diamond day with not a wisp of fog. Who knew a fierce storm would sweep through here the next day?
An exquisite heritage home now used as a B & B in Eureka, California. This grand old city was built for the red wood lumber industry which has all but died now. The undulating land was filled with redwood sawdust to create the townsite and today one can dig down a few meters and still up-earth the shavings as if they were fresh from the sawmill.
Does one ever tire of such beautiful landscapes?
The pride and joy of Eureka, the Ingomar Club. It was built by a Mr. Carter, a lumber baron, as his private residence, and many years later turned into a private men's club. We had breakfast with a present day club member who told us all about Eureka and all about the club. It has since become gender all inclusive, and our acquaintence reluctantly admitted that it had been a good move. He told us that the interior is incredibly ornate and architects from around the world come to visit. No pictures allowed inside for security reasons. Almost all the fixtures and furniture are priceless works of art and do not even have an assessed value as they are one of a kind.

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carla said...

The houses look like cartoon houses. Very pretty.