Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Are we old enough to be here? If we do qualify, then just barely. It seems though, that a huge motorhome or 5th wheel is a pre-requisite. In the Chamber of commerce directory, membership RV parks number 47!
Today was sunny with a high of 20C in mid afternoon. We started the day with a hearty free hot breakfast here at the Ramada, and then explored the town a bit. After a visit to the Visitor Info Center, we decided to try the most visited National Historic Site in Arizona, the Yuma Territorial Prison. We spent a few hours there as it was very interesting. Spending any amount of time there as a guest in the late 18oo's was not a desirable thing.
We then ventured into the old historic downtown Yuma. Not too impressive but did find a few very interesting stores.
After a quick visit to Albertson's for some fruit, we went back to the Hotel to catch some rays beside the pool. We got a few hours in and one of us was in the Hot Tub for two hours. We did what we usually do on a vacation and that was to make new friends beside the pool. As there was only one other couple there, it was not a difficult choice as to who to approach. Before we could say anything, Tom introduced himself and we then visited for the next hour with the cattle rancher from Medford Oregon. It is always so interesting to hear people's story and find how same and different we all are.
We 'dined' at a buffet restaurant tonight. Not good, not bad. Stomach is full and not hurting so that is a good sign.
Yuma is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA and it is evident everywhere. Agriculture is huge here. Lettuce, strawberries, artichokes, kale, etc. Mostly though is alfalfa for hay. Desert surrounds the the farms but the Colorado River basin is very fertile and even has wetlands. Yuma gets 50% of the Arizona water allotment for Colorado River water and does not reach its quota so there is much room for growth here.
We prefer Palm Springs as a USA winter destination, but I think the cost of living is much less here. So, If we are too young to qualify as winter residents here, it is OK with us.

On a sad note, we just heard that my Uncle Dave in Saskatchewan passed away. We were very surprised to hear it and are saddened that we will not be able to attend the funeral. Our prayers and sympathy go to Aunt Ann and her kids, my cousins, and her grandkids.

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Rachel said...

Did I not tell you when you said you were going to Yuma: Dad! That is senior central!
Now you know. You just wanted to feel like the young 'uns...admit it!