Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Northwest to Bakersfield

Looking back. They say hindsight is 20/20, unless you drive off the road.
That is a long way to go and then more windmills. At least the constant wind is good for something.
This ghost factory rose out of the mist in the middle of nowhere. Could not even tell if it was operating or not. At least the Twenty Mule Team borax factory had a sign!
Saying goodbye to the Mojave Desert and heading for the hills to Bakersfield.
But first we drive through Tahachapi with its incredible landscape and houses perched on every knobby hilltop. I have never taken pictures out the front window of my car like I did on this trip. It is similar to talking on a cell phone while driving. Not so safe, but sometimes necessary.


carla said...

Hey! Hey! De javu! That is my ghost tower out of the mist mystery factory (aka nuclear reactor/prison) that I posted on my blog! You stole my line! You were following us, weren't you? Admit it now. Copy cat.

Terry said...
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