Friday, January 4, 2008

The Yuma Groove

It does not take us long to get into a pattern, a groove, a routine. Today felt like a routine day in Yuma. We seem to be rising early in spite of trying to sleep late. It is the early morning sun trying to pierce the narrow gaps in our black out cutains on our east facing windows. It would be a shame to drive all this way and then waste perfectly good sunshine by lollygagging in bed all morning. So, we had a nice breakfast and then struck out for our morning walk. We ventured a longer ways away from our 'home' today and were ready for a good rest by the time we got back.

Our friends, the ranchers, knocked on our door shortly after our return and wanted to visit with us by the pool because it was their last day here. We ended up staying out in the sun for about 3 hours. It was brighter and warmer today than has been so far. My face is red tonight, however, it is not due to embarassment.

We lay around and read for a while and then decided to explore the town some more. We found the new Wetlands Park Projects and hung around there while watching a fabulous sunset.

We then went on a search for a restaurant for a late dinner. We discovered a part of town we had not yet explored. It was very upscale and buzzing with people and traffic. Had we taken a different exit off the freeway when we first came here, we would have known about it. It is very new, modern, and wealthy looking in that part of town. There is a lot of diversity here and just when you think the town is in a depression, you find a pocket of new construction and modern architecture. It is a bustling and growing town for sure.

We are stuffed after a great dinner for very little money and will catch a bit of weather channel before getting into our reading projects again.

The friends who left at 3pm today were going to their ranch in Medford that was being blasted by a blizzard today with gusts of blowing snow up to 90 mph. They looked longingly back at us as they shook our hands,heading for


Rachel said... will remember to come back though, right?
Your wee little grandchildren miss you :)
Enjoy the sun a bit longer but don't forget to come back!!!
I hear there is a lot of rain in California right now. Hopefully Andrew is in a pocket of sun.

Terry said...

Last we heard from Andrew was yesterday. He was in Hollywood. The forecasts sound quite awful for that area. We will not be heading back until that series of storms hitting California have abated. We miss you too.

carla said...

Andrew is in Hollywood? Is he famous now? When did this happen?