Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Four Day Job

After bidding against two of my friends in the business, I got this contract to paint the main floor of a very nice 'high end' townhouse.

There were two colours, one in the master suite, bathroom, and kitchen, and one in the main entry, den, hall, and liv/dining area. The change here was from a dark smoky green to a lighter Pea Green.

The vaulted ceilings and suspended beams over the stairwell called for some creative scaffolding.  

Here is the old guy painting above the plant shelf.

The new colour made everything bright, clean and open looking.

The kitchen especially looked very fresh with the new lighter colour.

As usual, everything is crowded into the middle of the room. It is a challenge remembering where everything goes later. We moved the heaviest china cabinet ever, on this job. When we put it back we removed all the glass shelving and all of the glass and brass doors. We should have done that to start with as we almost dropped it.

Finishing on time and on budget is a very satisfying feeling. My last two contracts have been a bit complicated and both of them were done within a few dollars of the contracted amount. Customer gets what they pay for and we get paid for what we do. Win/win.

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