Monday, July 21, 2014

Water Water

On Thursday I renewed my home owner's insurance and the saleslady told me of her recent experience with her city water bill. It seems she got a letter from city engineering stating that she had a leak in her line and her water bill for that month was $11,000.00!  Yes, you read that right. It was a long story and a few years ago my neighbour had the same experience.
24 hours later I get a letter in the mail from city engineering saying I had a leak in my water line. I immediately checked all my plumbing and then went to the meter and removed the cover. The meter was not moving at all. I then turned on the hose and watched as the meter crept forward. I turned off the hose, the only water running anywhere near or in my house, and again the meter stopped dead.
I then called city hall and as it was a late Friday afternoon, there was no help there. I then went to city hall and found someone (yes a real person) in the engineering department and we looked at the computer record of my address. Yes, there was heavy use in the evenings, but it has been dry and we have been watering the garden and flowers. The early hours of the morning showed zero consumption.
Deduction: If there is, at times, zero consumption, how can there be a leak. They were puzzled and did not know why I received the letter. The person in charge is supposed to call me, but so far, no call.
False alarm? I certainly hope so.

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