Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Deja Vu

Sorry for the poor arrangement of photos but 'Blogger" does that every so often and I cannot move the photos around.
We took a day trip to Keromeos on Sunday to 'get out of town' and to purchase some cherries. It was a good trip, overall, and our objective was achieved. We even found a few Saskatoon Berry bushes on the Old Hedley Road. By the time I thought of photographing the purple ripe berries, I had eaten them all and there were only these red ones to photograph. These were the only wild berries I ate as a kid. We would scour the country roads for them, pick for hours on end, and then my mother would bake a pie for us. Every time I bite into one of these berries, the nostalgia overwhelms me.
Every few years we take the Old Hedley Road, either east or west, and always enjoy the fresh view of the river valley east of Princeton.

Monday morning we got to work to can most of the 50 lbs. of cherries we bought at our favourite orchard on the Upper Bench Road in Keromeos. They had been picked only hours before and they were fresh and ripe. Plucking stems, sorting out the very few bad ones, and canning them was an all morning project for busylizzy, mostly. I was able to help but I had a major setback in my battle against gout.

Here is the story. We get the cherries because over the last year, I have had the occasional bout of gout. (I like the sound of that) On Sunday I ate at least several pounds of cherries. These are Vans and they do not at all cause an adverse reaction in my digestive system. Eating cherries in the past has always given me very quick relief from the painful gout so I should be good, right? I had a hamburger (beef, which I am supposed to stay away from) on the road and that is the only thing that might had triggered the gout. But all those cherries??
Anyway, at 3 am on Monday I awoke from the pain. I have been eating cherries ever since.
This was our first trip together, to the Okanagan, since we stocked up on apples last September. I blogged at that time about the traffic tie-up we had between Hope and Chilliwack. Wouldn't you know it. It happened again. It was at almost the same place on the highway and the time spent was almost as long. The Rosedale overpass was barely visible in our rear-view mirror and it was highly entertaining watching the vehicles try to turn around on the two lane highway and then proceed the wrong way on the shoulder, only to wait in a traffic tie-up at the overpass as they thought they would motor through Rosedale and back onto the Freeway. We stuck it out and it was fine, even though we were quite low on gas.
The traffic was very heavy, as it is every weekend, and we do not usually travel that way on the weekends. We were reminded again why. We also wondered if the newly raised speed limit was a contributing factor to the big truck roll-over.

On a side note, our peas from our garden are delicious this year. We have a bumper crop from one small row (maybe 8 ft. long)and we harvest this much every day. Yes, we are entering the fresh local food season.

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