Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just Another Day at Work

After doing some work in the builders home a few months ago, he asked me if I would like to hang some wall coverings in the show home of his new townhouse development in Langley called "Walnut Ridge".

Most wallpaper jobs these days only involve feature walls and bathrooms, powder rooms, master suite bathrooms and the odd entry. This was no exception and we did a feature wall in the master bedroom and the powder room off the kitchen on the main floor.

These new non-woven fabric backed wall coverings are wonderful to work with and look great when they are up. They seem to be coming down in price a bit too, but only on select brands.

This wall took only about 1/2 hour to do. I paste the wall, like painting, and apply the material to the paste. Works like a charm with no bubbles or lifting seams. The edges are accurately cut and the seams are almost invisible.  

All done. We also have photos of the powder room but they did not turn out well and I do not know how to  turn them and 'save' them when they are on their side.  
A nice little job, a quick commute and home to a cool house to beat the heat of the afternoon.

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