Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Travel Book

This is a book for someone who wants to travel but needs a little encouragement and a bit of advice. "Off The Map" is a collection of 25 true stories written by mostly very young women who have experienced and enjoy travel. Some of the stories are nothing to write home about, and some are not well written, but there is enough good to glean from the pages that it was worth reading.
Some of my favourite chapter titles were "How to survive a night in the Malaysian jungle", "On being a traveller and not a tourist", and "Our mountains, our struggles ... Mt Kilimanjaro" . Many stories are not stories at all but lists of advice and things that people have learned through and from travelling.
It is short book, and a bit disappointing as I was expecting more adventure as opposed to advice on how to get children to be your tour guides.
This book was in the top 100 Kindle bookstore free downloads.
1 Star

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