Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada's Birthday

July 1st saw us endure the heat and make our way to the parade route where we witnessed Abbotsford's version of the Canada Day parade. Lest the photos are not self-explanatory, let me comment on each of them and make some general observations.

These brass instruments were catching a nice reflection. There were only two bands in the parade this year.

BC's own flag.

There were no cowboy's in this parade but there were two contingents of cowgirls.

A rather old but nicely restored John Deere Tractor. I love the exhaust note on these old tractors.

A Korean Drum corps.

Two members of the Sikh Motorcycle Club. You have Hell's angels with their beanie helmets and now these fellows with their soft turban helmets, both above the law, apparently.

The Sikh mafia. Or so it would seem.

My grandson's band, the MEI Screaming Eagles.

My grandson in the sunglasses.

And again from the back.

Two of the second group of cowgirls.

I don't know who these were but there was a lot of colour going on here.

Being a very warm 33 C day, this old fellow must have been sweltering in his hat/visor.

My neigbours, Abhijit and Mita Nayak with their two boys Ishi and Jesse.

A cooling down exercise courtesy of the fire dept.
Some observations.
The ethnic makeup of our community is rapidly changing and it is so very evident at the parade. We were near the end of the route and the streets were crowded with onlookers. I would give a very generous estimate of 10% -15% had  my skin colour. But, we were all celebrating being Canadians.
If it were not for tax payer funded organisations and equipment, the parade would have been about 30% of its size. I am talking about fire trucks, ambulances, rescue vehicles, SWAT teams, three levels of policing (municipal, RCMP and Sherriff)  and all manner of politicos.
The parade is deteriorating. The same 'floats' and same people year after year make it very predictable.
I went to see my grandson in the band and was not disappointed. They did great even though it was a very hot day and they had marched for several hours before they got to our location.
Parades are definitely for kids. It was great to see so many of them out with their moms and dads, enjoying what for them was something wonderful and new. Makes me wish I was a kid again.  

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