Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Super Moon

I took one of my Grandsons with me to the High Street Mall on Saturday night to photograph the Super Moon that was hyped in the media. There were a few other photographers out with their iPhones and Tablets but none with any serious cameras.
We set up the tripod and fixed the settings on the Nikon and then waited. It was 20 minutes later than the night before but well worth the wait.

These next three photos show the slow progression, some zoomed in and others zoomed out.

At one point I just stood away from the camera and stood in awe of the moment, drinking in the warm night air and watching the moon visibly rise above the mountain ridge.

Next time I will try a different location, a bit closer and a bit further south to get the moon rising over Mt. Baker.

One last photo to share and that of the evening light kissing the glaciers of Mt. Baker before the moon made its appearance.  

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