Tuesday, July 29, 2014

G B and U

We started something I have not done in many years, and that is a night job. We enter the vacated physiotherapy clinic, after a 45 minute commute, after closing hours and then worked well into the wee hours of the morning.
After a brief walk-thru, we got right to it and by 9 pm were ready for a coffee at the adjoining Tim Horton's. There we assessed what we had done so far, how it would play out for the next 8 days, and then rejoiced in the fact that the working conditions were great, especially the air conditioning on a 30C night.  That was the GOOD.
Little did we know, but soon found out, that the whole building air conditioning system was on a timer and it shut off at 9 pm.
With no windows to open, and the humidity increasing together with the heat, it became an endurance test. Not only that, but I had forgotten my work glasses at home and my progressives were murder on my neck as I strained to see things above my shoulder height. That was the BAD.
By now my circadian rhythm was obliterated and I got home at 3 am tired but wired. I went to bed after a cool shower and then lay there, waiting, in vain, for sleep. I think I dozed from 5am to 7 am and after that a road crew began working on the sink hole on our street that has been tagged for repair for the last three years. Jack hammers, dump trucks, backhoes, and backup beepers, not to mention the ground shaking, prevented any further sleep. That was the UGLY.
It may get uglier when, a few hours from now, we go back to put in another night of work. There was a hope and promise that the air conditioning situation would be rectified. That remains to be seen.  

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