Saturday, July 5, 2014

How I Spent My Saturday Morning

Paul's wallpaper arrived on Friday and his furniture was coming in a few days, so we spent our Saturday morning installing the wall coverings. Here we have an 11' high alcove in the dining room where we hung a very beautiful and luxurious shimmery gold patterned non woven fabric backed wall paper. It was very custom, ordered only by the lineal yard, and each panel was 38" wide.  
It matched the exquisite draperies and the faux finished heavy crown mouldings. The heavy piece of dining room furniture will look great in the alcove now that is not a plain painted wall.

Then it was up to the prayer room where we worked with our heads respectfully covered.

There were six trim panels that each had to be papered. The wallpaper was 27" wide and each panel was 28" wide which meant we had to have a seam in each panel. How much easier to hang six full width panels than twelve narrow ones but it had to be done. The paper was yellow and gold and had a distinct 3-D look. It really enhanced the room.


One last look at a very beautiful home and the unbelievable chandelier hanging in the curved stairwell.

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