Friday, January 25, 2013

CIA Persistence

Did I mention that there is a trend to ultra long movies these days? Is it a ploy to get the patron to buy more drinks and popcorn? Is it an excuse to raise prices? Whatever it is, I wish they would stop. 

What could have been a riveting and exciting movie, turned into an endurance test as we sat through almost three hours of false leads, extended dialogue, gruesome torture scenes, Pakistani street scenes, and endless CIA board room meetings. I knew they would eventually "get to the chase" and I could not wait. But I did, and the last half hour was almost worth the wait. 
So for those of you who do not know what this movie is about, I will tell you what I am talking about. 
For a decade after 9/11, there was a massive CIA hunt for Osama Bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind all the Islamic terrorist attacks around the world. A young lady is hired in the beginning of the hunt based on her intelligence (smarts) and her ability to sift through facts and come up with plausible scenarios. She is the one who, eventually, through her dogged persistence and tireless footwork, thinks she has found Bin Laden. She then has to convince her superiors that he is actually in the location that she has discovered, despite very little evidence. The mission is planned and the rest is history, or at least that part of history that the CIA is willing to divulge to the public. Another complaint I have is the profanity. Is it really necessary? Vulgarity is no substitute for wit, but the writers do not get that. 
I give this movie 3 stars, but only because there is some intrigue in the fact that it is based on true events.    

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