Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ice forming on the shores of Mill Lake
The ice remains as the temperature slowly creeps upward. It is in the shadows and sheltered bays, where the warming rays of the sun do not quite reach. Hovering around zero every morning, it just feels like I need to escape. It has been ten or more consecutive years now that we have gone south, far enough to forget the ice, and no longer feel the cold temperatures that spawn it. We have enjoyed and looked forward to each trip, and cherish the many memories. Many have asked why we are not going this year. A fair question. I have discussed with very few, our situation, but obviously, there is a reason we are not going.
Why would we not go? There are three things that enable a winter vacation to a sunny destination. Desire, time, and finances. We are in the midst of a rather large change in one of these areas. The seeds of change have been sewn in the last year, and soon the picture will become much more clear. "They" say that change is good. We will see about that.

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Rachel said...

Ohhh...so ominous!