Friday, January 4, 2013

Problem Solved

After some research, which was confirmed by a reader, I found a solution to my uploading problem. "Try a different browser" they intoned. 
I was reluctant but gave in and now am browsing with Mozilla Firefox. Like all changes, it takes some getting used to. I used to use Firfox years ago but had forgotten most of what I see in it now. For some reason it allows the little pop up on blogger's photo up loader that gives the option of selecting a photo from my computer. I am back in business.

So, to the post. I tell people that I do not watch TV and that does not mean that I watch a 'little' TV, it means I do not watch TV. So I broke my abstinence. I sat down in front of the TV the other night and could not believe that I absolutely killed three hours there. 
I watched back to back episodes of "Storage Wars" and then some "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives" affectionately known as Triple D.  All I can say is "formula". Mild interest on my part, and plenty of salivating on the cooking show.  
I keep saying that I will not respect hockey when and if the greedy players and owners get going again, but I am ready for some of the only TV that I have watched in many years, my favourite sport, hockey.      


Rachel said...

I only use the alternate browser for posting on Blogger. For my usual business I am sticking with what I already know and have it all set up to my liking.

Terry said...


Chris said...

Watching hockey? I like what one of my friends posted on Facebook; 'When men wearing helmets protecting our country get paid more than men wearing helmets protecting a puck, I will start watching hockey.'

Terry said...

Good one.