Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In The Winter Sunshine

When the sun came out this afternoon, I could not help but get out there and enjoy it. In the morning I walked to the mall and picked up a few things, invigorated by the long walk. After lunch, the sun was even brighter and I decided to go check out the beaver damage in the park. There were at least 6 more trees that had gone under the tooth and some were half eaten through. The resident beaver has been very busy this past week. 

I think this Mallard was looking for the Beaver too. 

Yes, I was at Fish Trap Creek park again. The north end of the lake was frozen over and I walked to the south end to find the birds. There are some unusual water fowl visiting this winter. They are very shy and I was lucky to get this close. 

These ducks are a nice change from the usual Mud Hens, Mallards and Canada Geese. The Teals whistle with a very high pitch and both of these birds are skittish. I had to sit very still for a long time to wait for these shots, and they are at the far end of my 200 mm zoom lens. But, I was sitting in the sun and even though it was only 2 C I could feel the warmth penetrating my jacket. 

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