Sunday, January 27, 2013


I was scrolling through the last few weeks of posts and concluded that this blog is becoming more of a movie and book review than I had intended. I have been taking some time off work, not always by choice, so have had the time and inclination to read more than usual. Also, a bit out of character, we have gone to more movies recently.
The photo above is of me on my favourite walk. (I have also been walking more than ever) There are three places I like to walk, one of them being strictly an errand based effort, and the other two, nature walks. Above, I am at Fish Trap Creek Park. I walk here several times a week. It is, from my doorstep, a round trip of about 5 Km. and just enough to tire me out a bit and get my circulation and heart rate up a tad.
One of the joys about going regularly, is that I see the subtle changes from one week to the next. The ice forming, the ice melting, the waterfowl congregating in the open water, the variety of winter water fowl visitors and the changing behaviour of the ducks as the weather changes.
Yesterday was sunny and relatively warm. The hundreds of Canada Geese were gathering on the nesting islands and were competing for nesting spots. There was a lot of squawking and jostling and I was thinking that it was too early for this and that they were being fooled by the warmth of the late January sunshine.
I spotted a pair of Bald Eagles in the top of one of the giant Cottonwoods and wondered how many of the small Buffleheads they had eaten in the last while. The numbers are definitely down. I would prefer they take out a goose or two as they are the nasty, noisy, messy birds. But, a Canada Goose is larger than an Eagle, pound for pound, so that will not happen.
I notice too, how the fluctuating water levels, due to hard rains, has cleansed the water. The levels are up and the grunge in the water seems to have disappeared.
Soon, the buds will be popping out, both leaves and Salmon Berry Blossoms, and then the Skunk
Cabbage spikes will push up through the dead fall of winter, adding splashes of bright green and yellow as the days become longer.
The changes are often subtle, and they are changes I would not see if I did not walk there regularly. Being aware of the changes and looking for them makes the walk an always interesting and worthwhile exercise.
It is even better walking with a friend.

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