Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have been walking a lot lately. I believe that since early December I have walked on average, at least every other day, and sometimes twice a day. My average walk is around 5 km. 
It feels good. 
On Saturday mornings I drop in to see my dad in the care facility, but on the way there, I always stop in at Mill Lake and walk around the lake. Yesterday, it was -6C and was frosty, but that means that I just pick up the pace and try to keep warm by walking faster. The lake was frozen over except for a few tiny open areas where the ducks, geese, and seagulls are churning the water. 
The large sized lawns were all frosted over, but looking into the sun, they shimmered with jewel colours. It was not only refracted light, but the remains of the Autumn leaves catching the early morning sunlight, low on the horizon. A wide angle shot did not do it justice so I just zoomed in on a small piece of the big picture. It is amazing that an oak leaf from last fall would be still be intact, and have enough colour to break the winter grays. 

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