Thursday, November 21, 2013

And More Birdies

I was doing a consultation with a client this afternoon when I spotted, through a window, a Humming Bird flying around his patio. When I went to our kitchen this morning and looked out the window to our thermometer, I could not believe that it read -8. It did not warm up too much during the day, so what is a Hummingbird doing hanging around here when he could have migrated to Arizona or Texas?
And then another one flew by and alighted on a bird feeder. Soon there were 6 of them, all perched together drinking sugar water and somehow fending off the cold. Given their high rate of metabolism and their high energy output, how on earth do they stay warm in this weather. The clients told me that these Anna's Hummingbirds stay the whole winter, but they up the sugar content in the feeder during these colder months.
Maybe I can learn a lesson from nature and up my sugar content this winter, just to stay warm and help me be more active. There is sugar in chocolate, right?

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