Friday, November 1, 2013

Same Old, Same Old

I had this bright idea that I would discretely photograph the trick or treaters last night. I would get some cute and candid shots, and then on second thought, that I could get sued by some paranoid parent lurking in the dark recesses of my driveway.

Then, the very first guy who brought his young child to the door, whipped out his digital camera and snapped a photo of me as I was handing a mini chocolate bar to his kid. I had a sudden realization that I had made the right decision to keep the camera in the bag. I felt a little outraged that this guy mistrusted me so much that he was taking evidence against me lest there be a problem with the mini Coffee Crisp that I dropped in the bag. Halloween can be a bit complicated.

We had over a 100 kids and there was nothing noteworthy other than getting my picture taken. My pet peeve of past years was not reinforced as there were almost all small goblins this year. The last guy of the night, with his girlfriend, was an adult in a skeleton outfit, 6'2 and way too old to be doing this kind of nonsense. I suppose that some people's craving for chocolate overwhelms their sense of pride. Me? I just buy too much chocolate and indulge in that way.

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