Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gone, Gone, Gone

As I write this, the rain is pelting down on my roof and in the process, all the wonderful leaves of fall are being pummeled to the ground. If you go to Mill Lake now, you will see nothing but soggy brown remnants of this beauty lying in the grass and on the paths.

It was glorious while it lasted and I have nothing but photos to remind me. I have a few more to post, just to drag out Autumn a bit longer, and will have them here in the next few days.

After that, what? There is nothing of note to photograph in the winter months, at least nothing colourful.

I will try to come up with something colourful, if not in photos, then in words and ideas. Hopefully, it will not be off colour. Speaking of colour, I am reading a classic right now and enjoying it thoroughly. I am sure you have read it or at least heard of it. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" I will be sure to review it when I have finished it.

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