Sunday, November 17, 2013

What To Do

I am still digging through the last of my Autumn photos, but they are really looking too summerish for November. I walked in the cold wind today and was not really dressed warm enough. I thought I would turn back and put on a heavier jacket, but then decided to just buckle down and walked at a very brisk pace. Soon I was over-heating and my jacket was flung open to let the heat escape.

I dare not miss a day of walking my minimum 5K or I begin to feel sluggish and lose my desire to walk again the next day. It is surely getting to the stage with the weather where it would be much easier to sit and enjoy a second cup of coffee on the mornings that I do not work. It would be a slow death.

As we think about downsizing, we are realising that a condo or townhouse with exercise facilities is going to be a must. My own father was blessed with great genetics but we saw him deteriorate due to lack of activity more the usual ravages of old age. I am a fairly disciplined person and also one who is a creature of habit. Getting into the habit of a bit of a workout everyday is a must for general health, but also achieves the goal of having a feeling of well being and creates energy for other tasks. Photography has been an impetus to get me out and about, but come winter, something else will have to motivate me.


Rachel said...

Nothing motivates to me walk more than knowing that it is a VERY slippery slope when you start to skip. Too bad you can't walk as fast as me or we could go together!

Terry said...

Yes, I would be eating your dust and that is not healthy. :)

Stephanie said...

Rachel, you DO walk incredibly fast! And Uncle Terry, that's great that you plan to incorporate daily exercise into your routine. Do you have any idea where you might be downsizing to? That's kind of exciting :)

Terry said...

busylizzy has a little over two years before she starts collecting pension so we set that as a goal for a decision time. That gives us plenty of time to assess and plan, and get rid of some stuff. We have not moved since 1986 so we need lots of lead time. :)