Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Watch The Birdie

We have a low hanging light fixture above our front door that had its bulb burn out and I thought I would use an odd bulb that has been kicking around the house forever. It is one of those 'Fat Albert' bulbs that used to be in vogue in the bar type bathroom light fixtures typically mounted above the sink. The problem with the bulb is that it is so fat that I had to leave out one of the amber glass panels on the bottom of the light. It is hardly noticeable except by the chickadees this fall. They tuck themselves up beside the bulb and stay toasty warm as long as the light is on. We often have been startled by the rapid flutter and escape as we step out of our front door.
Last night the escape was into the house instead of out into the yard. The poor frightened little thing frantically fluttered about the house until we finally caught him with a butterfly net and out into the cold night he went. We turned all the lights back on (we were hoping he would fly to the only light that was on, the outdoor light) and found the floor littered with tiny black things which we thought were miniature worms. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that they were feathers, the smallest you could imagine. The poor thing was so stressed out that he was shedding his protective winter coat of down.
We left the light on last night, hoping he would find his way back to a safe warm place. But please, little chickadee, as much as we like you, we would prefer that you fly to the outside next time. With winter coming, you can hardly afford to lose any more of those warmth giving feathers.

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